Transportation Improvements

We want to make getting to Encore Boston Harbor as effortless and pleasant as visiting our resort.

To help improve the flow of guests and commuters around our resort, Encore Boston Harbor is spending $58 million to upgrade surrounding roads and improve traffic patterns. From Sullivan Square in Boston to Wellington Circle in Medford, we are widening lanes, adding sidewalks and turn lanes, extending curbs and medians and optimizing traffic signals.

We are also making a $208 million commitment to public transportation and alternative methods of travel, including subsidizing the Orange Lineā€”the first time in history a private developer has subsidized operations of our state's subway system. (An impressive milestone considering that Massachusetts holds the distinction of having the very first subway system in America.)

For many, the best way to get to Encore may not even involve a road or car. Leveraging our prime waterfront location, Encore Boston Harbor is revolutionizing the use of boats as a preferred mode of commuting. A fleet of luxurious, enclosed, temperature-controlled vessels will connect Encore Boston Harbor to Boston's Seaport and Financial district and ferry guests year-round. Every trip traffic-free, with spectacular views and in wonderful comfort.

For more information about infrastructure improvements and important traffic updates, please visit